One Week Later


NOTICE: Did not die. This, in response to the several people (especially commenter Billy-boy) that apparently thought I spiraled backwards in my progress and was defeated by the all-fatal swine flu. I am honored and appreciate the concern, though I’m pretty sure if I were the one out of ten thousand to die of swine flu, everyone on campus would know by now- realistically speaking. However, I was tempted to write my own obituary and post that instead:

On Friday, August 28, 2009, Lisa Huynh died at the tender age of 19 from an overwhelmingly disastrous case of swine flu. Lisa was a sophomore attending UNCW, majoring in Communication Studies, and was the Managing Editor at The Seahawk newspaper. She was the only child of loving mother, Thuy Huynh, who has created a non-profit organization called D.B.S.A. (Death by Swine Association) in memory of her daughter. Friends of Lisa lined the hallways of UNCW buildings with touching posters of Lisa being chased by a pig, to remind others that the swine flu is an illness not to take lightly. Rest in peace, Lisa- the swine flu victim.

Slightly morbid, but still funny.

Thursday, August 27: First day back in class: All that remains of butterfly flu is dry cough- which is fine…unless cough leads into dry heaving, which is not the most reassuring thing to behold by bystanders in the middle of a crowded hallway. Did fine all day, had wisely packed bottle of water in book bag in case coughing fits do arise.

That is- until English class. Realized upon start of class that trusty water bottle was now empty. Figured I could last an hour and a half without water…wrong. About ten minutes in, got tickling sensation in the back of throat. Tried to do little hiccup coughs so as not to fully interrupt professor’s speech. Apparently, that would not suffice. Had to keep on doing little hiccup coughs, then finally moderately-sized coughs, but stubborn, demon-cough would not be satisfied. Had by this time managed to attract whole class’ attention, and professor was now giving me worried looks. Finally, I surrendered and raised my hand to ask to go get some water. However, by this time had tried so hard to keep in cough that I was actually crying, so what came out instead was, “Cearn ya git sem werter?” I sounded like a mouse.

Ran out of class holding hand over mouth and tears falling down my cheeks. Once out in the hall, let go full-blown, big-daddy-Mac of all coughing fits. Pretty sure every classroom could hear me. Was out there for a good ten minutes, drinking water out of the fountain, and pacing back and forth to recuperate.  Realized right when I went back that I had talked to the professor before class about how I was fully recovered and perfectly fine. Probably now thinks I am a liar as well as a human-sized germ who is infecting the classroom.

Sunday, August 30: Am now 100% back to normal. Cannot say the same, however, for roommates who all, except the one who lives right beside me, have managed to pick up the “flu-like illness”. Ironic.

Monday, August 31: Heard from one staff writer that apparently, I am hated by the Student Health Center, particularly the nurses. After first impulse to laugh, got worried. I didn’t mean to make Nurse Kathy sound bad. She was the sweetest woman I’ve met that was ever connected to any kind of health care. Should probably send in letter of recommendation to give Nurse Kathy bonus- possibly a turkey for Thanksgiving time, or maybe even some free meds if need be?

This is going to be the last of the Swine Flu series, which isn’t really a series at all (both unfortunate and fortunate). To the rare few who have not been bitten by the hog- it’s not that bad. To the 273 people with the reported (flu-like illness)-I feel you.


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