Day 2


2:00 AM: Woke up finding myself covered in a thick layer of sweat. Had brief, OMG, panic attack. Drank a bottle of water in one gulp, wiped off my forehead, then rolled over and decided to worry about it later.

10:00 AM: Realized that freak sweating incident was probably body’s way of fighting off the fever, because unlike yesterday, I don’t have weirdo chills anymore. Hooray!!! Progress is being made! Stepped off bed in fit of joy only to land on three full grocery bags. For a minute considered Santa Claus, then vaguely remembered mother visiting last night bearing gifts. Double hooray!

Poked around and found a tray of mini blueberry muffins, three cans of Campbell chicken noodle soup, cereal, kiwis (I don’t know what they have to do with anything, maybe they were on sale?), vapor rub, vapor patches, Ibuprofen and two cases of water. Awww….I love my mommy.

10:30: After a delicious bowl of Campbell’s, went to computer to check if any teachers responded to my Swine flu email. It’s really crappy, actually; of course fate would have it that the Asian that has a full schedule of 18 hours, a job at the Seahawk newspaper, and was going to start her first day at Encore Magazine for her internship, would get this stupid pig flu in the nick of time.

Got an email from Bill, my R.A. about notifying him if anyone of us had the swine flu and that a Swine Flu Awareness Program was going to take place tomorrow. I wrote back:

Dear Papa Bear (a nickname that I had given him),

I have the swine flu. Just thought you should know- I went to the Student Health Center yesterday and after they got my temperature of 102.7, they put a mask over me, so I think its pretty legit. I could be exhibit A or something.

The sickly,

Lisa Huynh

10:45: Hmm…professors for the most part are all very understanding and sentimental about situation. Might not be that bad off after all. Except for COM 200, who is asking me to do worksheets, notes, and reading every single day. Maybe I will start on homework as to not get far behind…just after I check my facebook.

11:00: What kind of name is “swine” anyway? Looked up “swine” on Wikipedia: “Swine influenza (also called swine flu, hog flu, and pig flu) is an infection by any one of several types of swine influenza virus.” None of those names sound very fetching. In fact, I rather think that it gives off the impression that the victim of said hog flu does, indeed receive hog-like qualities and then eventually will turn into a pig.

No one I know wants a snout for a nose. I don’t want to turn into the real life Penelope. I mean, I know that that the flu originated from the “swine,” but psychologically, I think the name is like a lethal weapon. Why not call it “Butterfly flu,” instead? That way, when people say, “Wow, you have the Butterfly flu?” the sick person will feel less self-conscious about being referred to as a stinky, mud-covered, curly-tailed boar, and more of a light, free-spirited, beautiful specimen. This might even make the person more inclined to feel better sooner. Might have discovered some amazing medical advancement…should keep theory on a hush-hush basis only.

11:15: Friend Dylan has Butterfly flu as well! Has just gotten over 99.6 fever (I still win) and is feeling a lot better too! We shall be sick buddies with our similar progress and symptoms!

Maybe I got swine flu from smoking hookah the other day? Dylan was there, along with 7 others, and we were all passing around a mouthpiece-less hookah around to everyone’s mouth saliva. Very fishy.

12:00-4:00: Recovery sleep.

4:15: Stepped out of dungeon room into civilization. Still have cough and possibly heightened nasal congestion (perhaps to make up for the fever?) Apparently I look ghastly because roommates seem uncertain as to how to react towards me. Too scared to touch anything, so ask the rooms if she could butter my biscuit (no sexual innuendos intended.)

5:00-7:00: Recovery sleep part two.

8:00: Made pasta and ate blueberry mini muffins. Its ironic, really- the one thing I was looking forward to by being sick is to lose weight, when in reality, I am eating three meals a day and am constantly hungry. I bet I’m actually gaining weight; after all, the most amount of exercise that I’ve done today is walk to the bathroom and back to my room.

But I have been going to the bathroom at least twelve times today because of the mass amount of water I’ve been drinking. Maybe, if added all together, I have walked a mile without even leaving the apartment!

Then again…doubtful.

9:00: Eating. Yet again.

Got text from Dylan saying he went to CVS to get the Tamiflu. Googled Tamiflu. Apparently it’s a five-day flu treatment that costs $110 without insurance. He says he already feels like a champ. I only feel semi-champ! We are no longer sick buddies- cheater.

10:00: Realized I have first article assignment due tomorrow at internship and should probably get a move on. How to start, how to start…

11:00: Have just wasted an hour on figuring out how to do roommate’s College Algebra homework. I hope I don’t get her sick, considering I have been in physical contact with most of her vital school supplies.

Okay, back to article. I have 124 words. How many do I need? At least 600.

12:00: 244 words.

1:00: Done! Not the best preview in eternity, but I think the Editor will be impressed that I can even type after the email I sent her. Pills and blissful sleep- so much sleep.


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